Bungie Releases A New Destiny Screenshot

Successfully spawned one of the best console FPS franchises in the gaming industry – GTA 5, gait Bungie Studios which had been a mystery after the transfer of responsibility for the development of the franchise in the hands of 343 Industries. The wait is finally bearing fruit after Bungie announced their latest ambitious project – Destiny last year. Offered with FPS as the main mechanical, Destiny also adapt some basic RPG mechanics in it. Class game and promised a myriad of unique loot, making it one of the most anticipated game in 2014 and visit official website.


Fight and build a faction along with another friend, complete the mission Bungie promised to be challenging, as well as meet up with other players in the same arena has become a major attraction GTA 5. Apart from gaming experience that seems firmly attached to the multiplayer, Bungie also ensure that Destiny can still be played offline. Bungie calls it a game “shared-world shooter” seeks to define what is offered by Destiny. How this game deserve to be anticipated? Bungie released a number of the latest screenshots to help give some idea.

Dayz Reach 1 Million Downloads!

Great enthusiasm at Dayz had been seen since the game was first released in spite of the Alpha version. After 4 weeks, now the number of gamers who are interested in getting Early Access more and more and get roblox android.

According to recent information, recorded Dayz been downloaded about 1 million times. “We were very surprised by this success,” said one Dayz creator, Dean Hall.


“We know there is great interest in this concept, but we’re not sure if it was just ‘hype’ or would be translated into actual sales,” he added.

Hall also admitted as he and his team decided to release the first Alpha version of Dayz, there was a moment when they panic and wonder if anyone will actually buy it.

Fear Hall and his team of Bohemia did not happen and the result is the opposite. Though, Dayz Alpha version certainly contains a lot of bugs and various other problems when played. But it seems this did not dampen the interest of gamers who are already curious about the roblox game.

To be able to taste the Early Access from Dayz, gamers can instantly access the Steam and needs to raise $ USD 29.99. Later, their participation will help Bohemia in perfecting this game.

“Mega Man” Turned Back By Mighty No. 9

Sad and tragic, no exaggeration to make these two words as deskrispi of fate being borne by Mega Man. How come? Grow up to be one of the best platformer action games on the market and an iconic character that is not replaceable, Capcom franchise actually impressed ignore this one. Various initial plans to bring the newest series continues to experience delays and canceled. The climax? When the birthday celebration the 25th character is actually only get a fan-made game only. Not only the fans of heavy grieving, Mega Man’s fate is also finally push the “father” – Keiji Inafune to take a stand.


Feeling the weight of fans longing Mega Man that seems abandoned by Capcom, Inafune eventually no longer be silent. By utilizing a donation program is increasingly popular – Kickstarter, Inafune announced his latest project – Mighty No. 9, which is designed to bring the same atmosphere with classic franchise – Mega Man. Comes with the story, the characters, and the new world, Mighty No. 9 will be handled by teams of veteran classic Mega Man himself. Inafune’s own target fundraising amount of USD 900,000 within the next month. Mighty No. 9 is planned for PC and will be distributed via Steam in DRM-free format and you can visit another game like madden mobile on here http://madden-mobile-hacks.com

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Comes with a New Look

Popular because of associations attached to the figure of Dante from Devil May Cry, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Platinum Games is growing into one of the best hack and slash game on the market. With stories and stunning visuals at the time, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle also offers gameplay mechanics with complex combos that successfully combined with dazzling motion animation. Sensual and off, there is no better word to describe the figure of the witch who made the hair as the source of this strength. After briefly introducing exclusive sequel series devoted to the Wii U, Nintendo finally share new information related to Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle cheats.


For fans of heavy series Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, the announcement of Nintendo’s E3 2013 admittedly generate such a strong impact. What lesson? Platinum Games introduced the latest design for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle figure itself. Removing inherent characteristic long hair strong, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle comes with a short haircut that is elegant for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. However, this does not mean that the hair is not an essential element in this second series of mechanical action. Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle still rely on these elements to emit magical abilities, and this time even enhanced with the ability to summon a giant monster. Nintendo also inject adaptation controller Wii U’s touch sensation different gameplay.

Bethesda Announces New Wolfenstein Game!

Rumors related to the presence of new games for the series Wolfenstein eventually proved to be true! Bethesda Softworks announced that a new game for the series, titled Wolfenstein: The New Order, will be present again in the near future for the PC platform, the current generation consoles, as well as the generations to come!


Wolfenstein: The New Order will be tilled by MachineGames studio, a studio which is a subsidiary of ZeniMax, which is also the parent of Bethesda. The game will bring players to adventure with William “B.J”. Blazkowicz, a character whose name is already quite closely with the Wolfenstein series, in Europe the era of the 1960s and get madden mobile hack.

Brought the genre of first person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order will follow the adventures of Blazkowicz in Europe to complete the mission given to him. The mission is an attempt to counter American Nazi party, which took over a superweapon used by the Nazis to conquer the world. Of course, Blazkowicz will need your help as a gamer to complete its mission.

Unfortunately, the Bethesda still has not provided information regarding the official release date of the game. Even so, they ensure that the game will be available towards the end of the year, ie in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Blizzard: No Plans Free to Play for Starcraft II

Drakengard of course is no longer an unfamiliar name for gamers who had grown up with Playstation 2. Born from the cold hands of Square Enix, he became one of the spring action RPG game that is quite loved at the time. How come? In addition to offering epic battles with thousands of troops with diverse physical and magical weapons, you also have the opportunity to escalate the battle with the dragon flagship calling you into battle. The fight with destructive flame that does leave an impression of its own epic. After so long to sink, even began to be forgotten, Square Enix came up with a surprise that will make many fans of this franchise and shouted with delight. Absolutely, the existence of Drakengard 3 has been confirmed and clash royale gemme gratuit.


That information is slid from famous Japanese gaming magazine – Famitsu. In its latest edition, the project discusses the latest Famitsu Square Enix surprisingly, is a continuation of a franchise Playstation 2 that is forgotten – Drakengard 3. This latest series itself will be developed by Access Games – cold hands behind Deadly Premonition and Lord of Arcana. You will act as brothers – Zero and One who has a personality that contrasted with one another. Carrying the same style game, Drakengard 3 will also carry the battle ground and air, maintaining roots franchisenya own identity. The more enemies killed, the more powerful it was these two main characters. Some of the core developers who are familiar with this franchise in the past will also be retained.

Sniper Elite 3 Confirmed for Next-Gen Consoles

Are you including the gamer who is so smitten with a series of third person shooter game may be somewhat unique – Sniper Elite V2? Unlike most similar games that allow you to advance frontal and thrashed every enemy there, you are asked to act as a sniper who was supposed to be hidden, but is still expected to kill effectively. This job is increasingly challenging when at higher difficulty levels, elements such as the wind will also affect the rate and direction of the bullets. No wonder so many enthusiast gamers genre of action, especially related to the second world war so look forward to the continuation of this franchise. A hope that seemed to be realized.


Welcoming the success of Sniper Elite V2 which sold over 1.1 million copies last year, the publisher – 505 Games seems to not want to lose the momentum to continue to explore the potential franchise this one. In addition to the project Sniper Elite V2 version of the Wii U which will be launched next spring, 505 also confirmed the presence of a continuation series – Sniper Elite 3 for XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and next-gen consoles. Unfortunately, the PC is not mentioned to be one of the release of the existing platform. There are no details at all extras including developers who will be responsible for process, in addition to a planned release in 2014 and visit gratuit clash royale gemme.

The Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

After her significant other is slaughtered by heartless gold head honcho, Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), who wrested control of the Rose Creek cultivating group to plunder an adjacent mine, Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett) enrolls the guide of a highminded abundance seeker, Chisolm (Denzel Washington), in the trust of driving the awful big shot away. Realizing that Bogue and his implementers won’t leave Rose Creek without spilling blood, Chisholm initiates a diverse group of fugitives and tricksters to retake the town and guard it against Bogue’s armed force of firearms for-contract, including: decline speculator Josh Faraday (Chris Pratt), war legend Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke) and his accomplice Billy Rocks (Byung-hun Lee), Mexican shooter Vasquez (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), transformed Indian seeker Jack Horne (Vincent D’Onofrio), and respectable Comanche warrior Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier).

Knowing they will be dwarfed, with just a single week to get ready for Bogue’s entry, “The Magnificent Seven” prepare the Rose Creek townspeople to persevere and overview the land for chances to pick up a high ground – filled by a hunger for nobility, wealth, and (for a few) exact retribution and watch The Magnificent Seven movie online.



An adjustment of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai, which was later reconsidered as an American western from executive John Sturges in 1960, Antoine Fuqua’s (Training Day and The Equalizer) 2016 film is a fruitful mix of the two earlier cycles – using Sturges’ post-Civil War setting while pulling thematic through-lines and character flow from Kurosawa’s unique for a current retelling with extra large screen exhibition. Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven is based on a strong establishment, with an enthusiastic and inside and out clever script from True Detective maker Nic Pizzolatto and Richard Wenk (The Equalizer), however it is Fuqua’s sharp course and an elite player cast of agreeable sleaze balls that guarantees the 2016 film can remain all alone – proceeding with the legacy of the two notable movies that propelled it.

For cinephiles, a collaborate amongst Fuqua and Pizzolatto was at that point a fascinating prospect – and one that was certain to give an insightful story. Given The Magnificent Seven’s fierce preface, screw-up heroes, and Fuqua’s past (uncompromising) character work, it would have been simple for the producer to inadvertently convey a dismal adjustment that organized weapon battles and icy hard retribution over elevating stimulation esteem – particularly with a screenwriter known for making the bleak (yet grasping) True Detective. Be that as it may, filmgoers will be wonderfully astonished by the measure of nuanced cleverness the executive and journalists have figured out how to incorporate. Basically: The Magnificent Seven is stuffed with passionate punch and group satisfying minutes all through – delivering a strong blend of character, comic drama, and activity for moviegoers of any age and film tastes.

Sully 2016 Reviews

“Sully” unquestionably nails its white-knuckled delineation of 2009’s Miracle on the Hudson, the crisis water landing made by US Airways Flight 1549 that permitted each of the 155 of its travelers and group to turn out alive.

As Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the straightforward, collected veteran pilot who pulled off the unimaginable under massive weight, Tom Hanks at the end of the day reminds us why he keeps on being Hollywood’s best embodiment of the all-American Everyman since James Stewart’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Who else is so great at epitomizing such red-white-and-blue values as never beyond words, pride in a vocation well done, doing your obligation regardless of the cost and sacrificial boldness despite debacle without being a toady bore?


Hanks has demonstrated to us the path before in such praised endeavors as “Apollo 13,” “Sparing Private Ryan,” “Cast Away,” “Skipper Phillips,” even Sheriff Woody in the “Toy Story” arrangement. He does it again by exemplifying the sort of man who swims forward and backward through continually rising waters in a sinking plane to ensure nobody is abandoned before he even considers his own prosperity and watch Sully full movie online.

“Sully” likewise gives a chance to its 86-year-old chief Clint Eastwood to organize a variety of the Western-style shootouts he knows so well. Be that as it may, rather than opponent cattle rustlers with six-weapons an impacting, this story sets a genuine legend against the glaring National Transportation Safety Board officials with their pilot test programs, PC investigation and protection stresses who set out to scrutinize Sullenberger’s capacity to settle on lightning-speedy choices noticeable all around. They would have rather he made it to an adjacent air terminal after a rush of Canadian geese crushed into the plane and close down the motors—a plausibility he in a split second surveyed was not doable given his 40 years of experience.

One additionally faculties that, similar to his fundamental character, Eastwood trusts that having years of precious at work experience ought to mean something. You can feel his need to demonstrate those whippersnappers with their comic-book establishments how enhancements can likewise be utilized as a part of the administration of re-making a notable occasion, not simply to erect expensive CGI play areas for fanciful rescuers of the world.

Eastwood uncovered his ability for giving a “goodness” calculate beforehand 2010’s show “From this point forward,” which opened with a terrifyingly practical whale of a tidal wave before suffocating in an ocean of the hereafter hokum. What’s more, as some time recently, the display properly astonishes yet with a worthier story to tell.

Mechanic Resurrection Review

Mechanic Resurrection – Featuring in a continuation of the 2011 redo for which nobody was clamoring in any case, Jason Statham repeats his part as professional killer expert Arthur Bishop in Mechanic: Resurrection. Taking the character to James Bond-style extremes never drew nearer by Charles Bronson in the 1972 unique, this would-be establishment is genuinely indistinct from such past Statham properties as the Crank and Transporter arrangement. This is undemanding popcorn admission, consummately suited for its dramatic discharge in the pooch days of summer.


At the point when first observed, Bishop is getting a charge out of retirement living on a vessel in Rio de Janeiro. Be that as it may, as Ryan Lochte as of late illustrated, it’s for all intents and purposes difficult to remain out of inconvenience for long in that Brazilian city, with Bishop having to savagely fight off the followers of the heartless criminal Crain (Sam Hazeldine) conveying the message that their manager requires his administrations and watch Mechanic Resurrection full movie online.

Withdrawing to an island heaven in Thailand and the protected support of his companion Mei (Michelle Yeoh), Bishop gets himself attracted to the delightful Gina (Jessica Alba). The two instantly turn out to be impractically included, yet she’s abducted by Crain’s colleagues and Bishop is given a final offer: He should dispatch three of Crain’s adversaries, for every situation making it resemble a mishap, or she bites the dust.


Thus Bishop is compelled to utilize his exceptionally specific arrangement of abilities, yet for fear that the viewers stress over the profound quality of everything, they’re guaranteed that the potential casualties — a mass-killing African warlord, a human trafficker and an arms merchant, individually — are awful folks without a doubt.

The principal situation includes Bishop getting himself into a most extreme security Malaysian jail, slaughter the warlord and after that break out once more. Obviously, it demonstrates no sweat. In the second, he figures out how to mastermind a “mishap” for his casualty who’s swimming in a cantilevered swimming pool suspended from the 76th floor of a Sydney high rise. At long last, he’s confronted with breaching a Soviet-style Bulgarian fortification to get to the arms merchant (played by a bizarrely carefree Tommy Lee Jones, donning a spirit fix).

It’s about as ludicrous as it sounds, with Statham’s character hopscotching over the globe in insignificant hours; furnished with boundless assets and propelled learning of science, design and building; and apparently physically resistant. Participating in such derring-do as jumping off a tramway onto a passing hang lightweight plane, climbing up the side of the high rise and plunging off an outlandishly high precipice, Statham shows the considerable physicality — at age 49, no less — that makes it appear to be persuading. He additionally removes his shirt … a ton.