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Easy Way to Win in Clash of Clans

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Because of his training very quickly once the game Clash of Clans, make sure you queue a second exercise this unit before capturing the opponent. At the time of return, usually in part the troops were ready for the next attack.


As an illustration of the game Clash of Clans, suppose you need 10 minutes to all the attack cycle. If you have 4 barracks then if you finish in the attack there will be 120 or 96 barbarian archer.
For a combination of attacks is the ratio of 1: 4 usually works very well. Ie 1 for every 4 barbarian Archer. This ratio can be adapted to the style of play with you. Suppose that in a fight many have a strong defense, the number of archers can be added or vice versa, if the defense is relatively easy, the more barbarian better.


Sometimes if it is necessary to use a breaker and a giant wall to break down opponents castle which has a high level.Essentially, please note any performance based style raid you to get the most appropriate combination. And in general with the combination of an archer and barbarian forces will be more effective in the lower leagues. This is because usually the players who are in the lower leagues have a TH levels are not too high. But unfortunately the higher levels of TH you and you will be given a penalty when attacking TH that lower level. And in general with barbarian quickly and archer made then the penalty will not mean for you. But in fact it could be a quick way to get the highest level with just having a lot of gems. So how to get unlimited gems? You can get Clash of Clans hack online tool with this tool you can get unlimited gems, gold and elixir

Staying Together Review – two lovers struggle through various obstacles to reunite

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Fortunately for those of you who have had a lovely heart. Thanks to the presence of one of the world’s most loved one seemed to turn into a blooming flower, is not it? If you can separate a little while we do not want to eat and sleep soundly. It felt my writing is starting to sound redundant, but suppose something like that struggle to reunite lovers across various seasons like in Staying Together.

Staying Together is a puzzle platformer game is loaded with affection. In this game you will control a pair of lovers separated by distance and time and finally united .. To unite the two lovers is not easy because you have to rack my brain to go through different obstacles you will encounter later.


Although it has been separated by distance, this couple has a very synchronous liver. Here you will control the man crossing there and she will respond to all the movements without exception. If you do jump the lover of women will do well as simultaneously stepping. He will also respond to the movement of male characters who move to the right and to the left. Opposite horizontal movement is intentional because she wanted to move closer to her boyfriend.

Design level you will encounter on Staying Together filled with nuances platformer game. Navigate on each level will challenge you through various obstacles typical platformer game like holes or thorns. After passing through all these obstacles, you are asked to unite the lovers point will be marked with a glint of light on the mid level.

By controlling this couple, you need a plan and strategy. Full trust owned the girl to her boyfriend makes her willing to do anything that made him, even though it is very risky. If one could make a motion then thorn or lover will fall into the hole. This game will end if one of these doomed lovers. Here you will be challenged to master the field and set the strategy for them to meet.