New membership Margot Robbie While filming movie ‘Suicide Squad’, Harley Quinn to Hold Breath 5 Minutes

Warner Bros movie ‘Suicide Squad’ will soon appear in cinemas around the world. Film ‘Suicide Squad’ which was adapted from DC’s comic tells the story of a group of criminals recruited by the Government to be a ‘hero’. One of the criminals who are part of this group is Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), lover and accomplice iconic character The Joker (Jared Leto). Although Harley Quinn does not have super powers like figure Enchantress or Killer Croc, Margot Robbie has got the ‘power’ of its own during the filming of the movie ‘Suicide Squad’.


In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Margot Robbie told host Jimmy Fallon that he had learned a skill that is quite risky in its preparation plays Harley Quinn in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’. The reason, the Australian actress has been practicing holding his breath for up to 5 minutes and watch this.

“I collaborated with a great free divers, and he comes and I get four sessions with him. His name is Kirk. It’s all about lowering the metabolic rate … you like, meditating in the water. That is what free divers, but it was great, “said Margot Robbie on Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, as reported from Cinema Blend (07/31/2016).

After that, Margot Robbie also told how he ‘compete’ with the cast successor. Apparently, the actress who is competitive wants to be able to hold his breath longer than the professional stuntmen.

“I got up to 5 minutes and I said, ‘You know what? It was far more than I thought I could do. I am satisfied, I’m satisfied with the 5 ‘, “said Margot recounts his experience.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Without Drugs

Erectile dysfunction cause serious problems in a man, one of which is a matter of pride. Make a husband becomes Impotence feel inadequate and ashamed, too often afraid to have intercourse with her partner. There are so many factors that cause impotence. In addition, many drugs on the market are trying to treat erectile dysfunction, but it is not the best solution download book hereereksi

A more natural approach may be better for some people, because more minimal risk. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by certain factors, and often have no health problems at all, and can be cured. Some how you can do easily, as will be explained below:
Step 1

Eat right and exercise regularly. Keep yourself at your ideal weight helps overcome erectile dysfunction. People who are overweight tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to decreased testosterone production. Losing weight will increase testosterone production and help cure erectile dysfunction, and increase libido.

It also helps to lower cholesterol, which blocks the flow of blood in the arteries. Blood ultimately can flow properly, make men able to get and keep an erection. Besides lowering cholesterol helps blood circulation in the arteries and increases blood flow to other organs, the other also.
Step 2

Stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking and stop taking drugs can treat impotence. The third habit reduces testosterone production and cause impotence in the long term. Stopping one of these activities can restore your sexual ability to get an erection, even more if you stop all three.

FIFA 17 Great Reviews

Football video game market was not monopolized by FIFA although they have sufficient licenses complete. We could see the Pro Evolution Soccer series from Japanese game developers, Konami, which has become the main competitor of FIFA at least since the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in 2001.

Since 2001, the PES continues to PES 2, PES 3, until then PES 6, before they change their names into PES 2008 began at the 7th edition of them or in 2007.

If we look at the world market, FIFA is arguably almost always superior to PES. Except perhaps for us in Indonesia, the popularity of PES or Winning Eleven could exceed FIFA especially since PES 6 and visit here .


But in the past two years, FIFA is always superior about sales figures (not pirated), the number of players online, and license, can continue to be pressed by the PES.

Based on the scores on Metacritic, the site to review and assess the game, PES 2015 and FIFA 15 both have a score of 82 for the console PlayStation 4. But the following year, PES 2016 scores have risen to 87 while FIFA 16 remains at a score of 82 for the PS4.

What makes this change? Yes, the answer is the engine used by Konami, which they named Fox Engine. The game engine offers the latest technology in terms of physics balls (ball physics), environment, and the general flow of the game action. EA Sports intends to implement the same thing with their own Frostbite engine.

Mac Finally Get Bioshock 2 After 2 Years

Mac was born from the cold hand Apple is undoubtedly an entity capable computing devices. Optimizing presented him make Mac reliable to perform a series of tasks assigned to him, including heavy multimedia functions though. But there is one problem that descend this one product. Kuatpun how capable he showed ability, Mac still is not the main choice for game developers today. The proof? Bioshock 2!


BioShock 2 is an FPS game titles that managed to attract attention in the gaming industry two years ago. The developer – 2K Games successfully combines elements of gameplay fun with philosophical dark plot. But who would have thought, a game that was released two years ago this new platform will descend to another. Absolutely, after waiting long enough, Mac finally gets his own Bioshock 2. Interestingly again? No additional content or increase the quality of graphics than the PC version two years ago. This is really an old game that was released for granted click here.

Minimum requirements needed for the Mac version is 2.0 Ghz Intel Mac, 4 GB Ram, MAC OS X 10.6.8 and at least 256 MB. This may be the best opportunity for Mac gamers to experience the beauty of BioShock 2 directly. You can get it at a price of around 24.95 euros to 29.95 euros in Europe, and about $ 34.95 in the US market. BioShock will be released in January 2012. Even then, if you are interested in games that have been released over two years ago.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Playstation 3 VS XBOX 360

After waiting long enough, eventually gamers a chance to try out Final Fantasy XIII-2 directly. Series is a direct sequel of Final Fantasy XIII is coming up with plots, characters, and a myriad of other new features. Square Enix itself is quite optimistic that XIII-2 will be able to present a different playing experience, at least enough to be an antidote to the harsh criticism on FF XIII. The game itself is released bersaman, for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 and website .


If in the first series, Square Enix comes with siginfikan quality differences between the versions of the Xbox 360 and PS 3, then something different happens in XIII-2’s. A Japanese site called The Blog, perform head to head comparison to compare the two. From the screenshots look, both come with a similar quality. Differences visualization displayed also invisible. Do not believe? You can see it in the image below.

Playstation 3 has only a slightly better framerate and more stable than the version shown XBOX 360. Details are also similar. One thing that is interesting, different from the first FFXIII, FF XIII-2 is no longer present in multiple discs on Xbox 360, but only one disc. However, surprisingly it actually appear with more leverage. For a comparison of a live performance, you can listen for them on video comparison conducted by The Blog.

Prepare EA and DICE Battlefield 2143

EA should be recognized managed to gain success with their latest FPS series – Battlefield 3 this year. Although the sales statistics are still not able to break the record FPS competitors, but the quality brought to the court by a developer DICE absolutely riveting. The choice to use the Frostbite Engine 2.0 makes this game a new standard for the industry in terms of visuals in the game. No more than reasonable steps to maintain the momentum of this success in addition to preparing for the next game series. This time it seems, be a sequel to the turn Battlefiled 2142 and visit


Battlefield 2142 was released in the year 2006. it is one of the Battlefield series is quite unique. He took the theme of war in the future where the world is divided into two major factions, a concept that turned out to be welcomed by the fans of this franchise. Now, after 5 years of vacuum, rumors about the continuation of this series pushed back. In the DLC Back to Karkand, Wake Island map precisely at, EA turned out to hide an easter egg that sparked the rumor. A figure labeled “2143” is clearly visible on one wall of the building.

EA and DICE are known glad insert “confidential information” such as this to give them the next clue will be gaming. In the past, the presence of Battlefield 2142 also confirmed through mode easter egg in one of the folders Battlefield 2 and it proved true. So it is likely that 2143 will be the next Battlefield project. EA and DICE itself has not officially comment on the rumors on this one. We wait for the sequel.

Want Bioware Dragon Age with Rasa Skyrim

Who can resist the charm of a game Skyrim? Not only millions of gamers in the world are enchanted by its charming gameplay, but also the rival developer who also unnerved. Skyrim world wide indeed produce doors probability for a freedom of play. Not only that, also emerged from the epic experience all the supporting elements that are behind it. No exaggeration if it is categorized as a perfect game. For developers competitors, it becomes a new standard.


Developer giant which is famous for its quality as Bioware also acknowledges that. The leaders – Ray Muzyka said himself that they became a devotee Bethesda Studios and their products, including Skyrim. Therefore, he intends to expand the Dragon Age series further in the same direction. The freedom to interact with the outside world will be one of its main strengths. Bioware wants to cure the disappointment of gamers will be the second series that are considered too highlight the action and visit

Indirectly, Muzyka also confirmed that Bioware can now begin the process of further development of Dragon Age. Muzyka stated that the seeds of this game is already born and the development process itself is running within the game. So far, Muzyka see it already on the right track and quite content. He even said that he could not wait for this game immediately announced to the public.

Questions from Bioware is certainly quite provoke curiosity. Broadly speaking, Dragon Age is not a bad game until they have to follow the path traversed by another franchise. However, the success achieved by Skyrim seems too cute to not be utilized. Moreover, the impression medieval shown by the Dragon Age series appear similar to the concept presented by Skyrim. Dragon Age plays ala Skyrim? Can not wait!

Zynga Generate US $ 1 Billion On Initial Offer Shares

Zynga is a Facebook game giant company producing better known through CityVille, FarmVille and CastleVille. Gains have been achieved through the Facebook game company Zynga melonjakkan value of up to US $ 829 billion in the fiscal year of 2011. Therefore, the decision to participate in the play Zynga stock market was news that kept investors and analysts followed with diverse opinions. Some say Zynga too risky due to 94 percent of profits came from Facebook and policies that harm social gaming by Facebook can make it falter and visit


The initial offer Zynga shares earlier this week dismissed the opinion of financial analysts skewed by the success of the company gets US $ 1 billion through the sale of its stake! Zynga also managed to beat its competitors valuation gaming company, Electronic Arts. This Facebook game giant managed to sell 100 million shares at $ 10 per share and decreased five percent to US $ 9.50. The initial offer is the largest in the stock market the US Internet company since Google Inc. 2004 amounted to US $ 1.9 billion. Many analysts argued the price offered by Zynga is too aggressive when compared with its competitors.

According to plans announced Zynga, the company is offering 14 percent of its shares in initial offerings this week (Initial Public Offering / IPO). Proceeds from sale of these shares will be used to finance Zynga game development, marketing, and a variety of corporate affairs. The amount of sales generated Zynga turns raises other concerns of market analysts. According to Jeffrey Sica, Chief Investment Officer of Sica Wealth Management LLC, “Zynga should not be rewarded by three times from other companies with the same position.” According to Sica, investors will see it as a sign of a potential fall in prices due to start too high. Investors will also see it as a company that is too rich and are reluctant to invest in the company.

Skyrim Sales Reach 10 Million Units!

Total sales is one of the strong barometer to see the success of a product. Likewise with gaming products. On this day, as the company Bethesda Softworks Action RPG developers attracted the most attention this year, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, announced it had managed to sell 10 million copies of the game to the entire world! The amount of which can not be underestimated, given the new Skyrim entered the age of 6 weeks after it was launched last November!


According to the ZeniMax Media Inc., owner of Bethesda Softworks, Skyrim has resulted in approximately US $ 650 million since its launch last November. This number is derived from all format gaming platforms, such as PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Of all the versions sold, the PC version of Skyrim has the largest number in the sales order. Frankly, the quality of this game on the PC is much better compared to other versions. Total sales of the PC version of Skyrim when compared with other versions of about 3: 1 in a release and visit

“Skyrim is the fastest-selling game in the history of Steam,” said Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development Valve. He also added, “Bethesda’s commitment to the PC as a gaming platform is evident in the high review scores in this version, spectacular launch, and the large number of players Skyrim.” Various technical problems found in Skyrim did not matter much to the amount of sales. In the first 48 hours since its release, Skyrim has managed to sell 3.5 million copies and continue to strengthen until now!

Tri-Ace Involved in the Development of Final Fantasy XIII-2

It is no secret if the Final Fantasy franchise is synonymous with the name of Square Enix. The company has become the party most responsible for the development of dozens of the Final Fantasy series, even while they are still big name Squaresoft in the past. Therefore, it is not surprising that this franchise was born with the impression of exclusivity. But there is a little different with the workmanship of the latest series of Final Fantasy XIII-2 which will be released this week. Failure and criticism lately turns forcing Square Enix to transmit signals to help other companies and visit  madden-mobile-hacks.​com.


A shocking news comes from Yuichiro Kitao twitter account – a programmer from large companies other Japanese RPG – Tri Ace. He points to the fact that Tri-Ace, which has been famous through the Star Ocean franchise, was involved in the process of development of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Staff them involved from the beginning, from design, art, until the process of programming RPG quite anticipated by gamers. Not surprisingly, the innovations in Final Fantasy XIII-2 present the impression of an active fight that resembles a Star Ocean game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 itself will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the Japanese market this week and American markets – Europe at the end of January 2012. Although it is quite confusing, but the Tri-Ace’s involvement will certainly make a positive contribution that will certainly bring a different experience of Final Fantasy. At least sufficient to provide assurance that the Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be present as a sequel with new flavors worth trying.