Mod Watch PC Dogs Pursue Visual E3 and How about Mobile legends

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Once presented with exceptional visual quality at E3 2012, Watch Dogs has grown into one of the most anticipated “next-gen” games ever. But in fact, after being released on various platforms, many gamers complain that the trailer is no more than a public deception. Visual quality in the final retail version does not represent the quality of the next-gen in question. There are so many visual effects that are not included in this Watch Dogs. Fortunately, for those who play Mobile legends on PCs, there are always modders moving in their miracles.

Responding to the complaints of most PC gamers, some modders have finally taken concrete action to present Watch Dogs in the visualization quality that dreamed up. Modders like Dirty Dan and K-putt provide Sweet FX mods that offer better lighting quality, at least to finalize the cartoon effect they consider too obvious for an open-world game. While at the same time, one of the Guru3D forum users – kadzait24, has changed the contents of the XML Mobile legends hack android file and tweaked every available graphical option to create a more qualified visual effect. At least enough to minimize the existing gap.

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