Watch Dogs Imitated Indian Movies & Mobile Strike

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Talking about the world’s largest film industry, most of us would probably associate it directly with Hollywood – the home of so many wonderful movies we enjoy. But in fact, from the number of films produced each year, Hollywood has to bow its knees under India’s phenomenal film industry – Bollywood. Carrying a variety of popular genres, from action to drama, Bollywood “bore” hundreds of movie titles each year, although not all of them managed to penetrate foreign markets. Unfortunately, he is also often associated with so many cases of plagiarism stories and concepts, especially from video¬†Mobile Strike games. After Assassin’s Creed, the latest Ubisoft – Watch Dogs project is being imitated.

The popularity of Watch Dogs as one of the most anticipated games in the year 2014 was not separated from the observations of Bollywood filmmakers. A movie titled “18.11” sells a concept that will make many gamers feel familiar, especially from the main character’s costumes that plagiarized Aiden Pearce. Although the original trailer does not appear to be the same story, 18.11 shows how technology and hacking still play a big part in it. Not yet clear whether Ubisoft will take legal legal action for this¬†Mobile Strike hacks film or not.

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