Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Releases A Lot of New Screenshots

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Oddly, this may be the first word that slid out of the mouth of most gamers who saw Hyrule Warriors for the first time. How come? Instead of seeing the Link re-adventure with the Legend of Zelda gameplay that we’ve known, the warrior with his distinctive green outfit is actually involved in a battle scheme fast and brutal Dynasty Warriors style. Fighting against hundreds of enemies at once, Nintendo’s joint project with Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja is indeed one of the exclusive Nintendo Wii U games to anticipate. True, we’re talking about  NBA Live Mobile hack tool .

After a confirmation of the release for August 2014 in the Japanese market, Nintendo also released a myriad of recent screenshots to give a brief description of what is worth anticipating from this one ambitious project. You again play a role as a Link trying to save Zelda from the clutches of a wicked wizard named Shia. This screenshot also shows some other characters such as Impa, Wizro, and other antagonist named Valga. Interesting again? The design of his own character is counted “brave”, and not the typical game of Legend of Zelda that you are familiar with. Just look at the NBA Live Mobile hack ..

Hyrule Warriors itself will slide in August 2014 for the Japanese market, exclusive to Nintendo Wii U. No information yet when this game will slide into other regions.

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